Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bread Story of Persia - Sangak Bread

Sangak Bread or 'NAN-E SANGAK' is the most common bread I had for breakfast during my stay in Iran. It is a large longish rectangular bread made with whole wheat sour dough.

My Iranian friend explained that the bread came from the East of Iran and the name Sangak means little stones. It is baked in traditional oven that filled with small stones that shaped the surface of the bread. I was also told that the armies of the Persian empire carry small amount of the stones during their journey and when night comes they gather all the stones to make an oven to bake the bread for dinner - Tah Dah... portable oven! Smart right?

The bread is delicious with either cream, cheese, butter with honey or walnut. Also known as the healthiest bread in Iran! Yummy!

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