Saturday, 9 April 2011

Faloodeh - Refreshing Persian Sorbet

Here comes Faloodeh with Saffron Ice Cream... sweet and sour coolness... the perfect combo during summer to refresh your senses under the hot afternoon sun. My favorite cold dessert from Iran.

Faloodeh is a Persian Sorbet made from delicate vermicelli or rice noodles frozen with corn starch combined with shaved ice infused with rose water. Served with lemon juice and saffron ice cream.  Some places serve their faloodeh with pomegranate juice instead of lemon juice then top with ground pistachios.
Faloodeh specialty shop can be found all around Iran and they also serve modern and traditional ice- creams.

DO YOU KNOW? Faloodeh is one of the earliest  from of frozen desserts, existed as early as 400! Ice was brought down from the high mountains and stored in a deep refrigerated hole on the ground called 'Yakhchal' functioned like modern days refregerator which kept cool by the 'windcatchers' - traditional Persian architecture device used for may centuries to create natural ventilation in buildings.

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