Monday, 18 April 2011

Fancy Some Exotic Snacks ? Crispy Star Fish

Always love starfish because of it distinctiveness - like stars in the ocean. Never thought of eating it like seafood until my visit to China. At first glance from far I was mistaken it as an ornament / souvenir / toy for sale but never a street snack!

When I was closer to the stall, there were actually people snacking on them. Its crunchy on the outer and soft inside - it taste like crab meat according to the man snacking on it. He also added smaller is tastier as the shell is thinner and crunchier.

Interested to know the recipe? The guy selling it claimed that what you need is just a couple of fresh starfish. Just add some salt, pepper and flour then dip in to the pipping hot oil until golden. It's that simple! Do you have the gut to try it? Enjoy!


  1. Yuks! When I was in Beijing a couple of years back, we were happy to come across a long row of stalls selling food, close to a hundred of them, like our pasar malam here. We were looking forward to try their various fish ball, meatball and etc. Imagine our horror when upclose they were selling baby snakes, scorpions, crickets?, crockroaches?, etc.,, I almost throw out! About 90 per cent of the stalls are selling these yuckies! How gross can they get?

  2. I am an adventurous eater, but I think I'd take a pass on the star fish. You asked about another type of fish to substitute for cod. Any firm mildly flavored fish can be used. Have a good day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Hi kitchen flavours! Thanks for dropping by :) Need to agree with you! I also have all the photos of those snacks mentioned too but after thinking twice I took them out.. Don't really want to make my blog freaky :) hahaha...

  4. Thanks Mary for the tip! Would be an honor if you follow my blog too :) I am new and love to have some supporters.