Sunday, 31 July 2011

Brother-In-Law Potato Beef Cutlet

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Alright! Enough of complaints :) Here I would like to introduce the legendary Brother-In-Law Potato Beef Cutlet. I have been hearing this since years back but never got a chance to taste it till now! Finally! We enjoyed it very much... as dinner and breakfast the day after.

It's smells heavenly when shallow frying.. I was waiting very impatiently... Kind of reminds me of hash browns but invaded by minced beef.. for the better .. hahaha.

Makes 20 Yummy Potato Beef Cutlet
Recipe can be halved

500 grams minced lean beef
800 grams potatoes - shredded 
2 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 large onions - shredded 
2/3 tsp turmeric powder

1/3 cup cooking oil for frying

If served as burger :
Bread or baguette, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and cheese slices.

1) Mix well all the ingredients and shape them to 1/2 inch thick oval shaped patty - Best to use hand so that you can make sure it is done properly without falling apart. 
2) Heat oil on medium high heat and fry patties till golden brown and cooked through.
3) Served with bread, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and cheese (or anything else that you fancy :) .


  1. I'm not having the comment problem. That's very strange! These sound so good! I've never had anything like it before!

  2. Yummy..share some more yummy recipe in Holy month of Ramadan..have a blessed month :)

  3. Looks yummy. this dish reminds me of Indian dish vada.

  4. Yum! Good way to stretch the meat budget.

  5. I can help you with the comment problem! It's very frustrating I know. When you go to leave a comment and it brings you back to your sign-in page, UNCHECK the box that says "Keep Me Signed In." You should be able to leave commennts once you uncheck that box. The next time you sign in though, the box will most likely be checked again so you'll have to keep unchecking it. Let me know if that works!

  6. wow that's a wonderful recipe!!!!!

  7. That is simple and delicious to have. I usually make it with the vegetarian version but the use of beef and turmeric sounds wonderful.

  8. Looks delicious! I'll definitely have to try this recipe. Hope your commenting issue works itself out soon!

  9. wow...its so easy and yet so delicious!! Lovely snack idea :)

  10. Wow, looks delicious! Lucky you, someone to cook for you for a change! :)
    The internet service has gone crazy these few days. Just when I have finished commenting and about to post, the internet line went off, came back for a minute, and off again for 15 minutes or so, this keeps on repeating for a few days, today seems OK! :)

  11. I have never seen this before? Why is that? I feel deprived and kinda sad because they look so darn good! i have to try them soon. I know my meat and potato loving husband would just adore them

  12. This looks SO good - lovely flavors - I can almost smell them cooking!

  13. woooow kheily khoshmaze. dost dashty?

  14. Haa haa! I loved the name of these cutlets!! Really nice recipe. Absolutely mouth-watering!! Have you got anything left for me?

  15. delicious looking cutlets looks wonderful

  16. This dish has been you luxury and exquisite, perfect looks, hugs.

  17. looks like an excellent way to stretch the meat budget. well done!!

  18. Wow, these cutlets look awesome, and it's super easy! Feel like grabbing theses :)

  19. This looks very yummy...i think the tomatoes would taste great with it!
    Hope you have a splendid week end!

  20. a time ago I had porblems with comments ut mot now, try renda say,
    Thsis look asolutely delicious, I love it look yumm! gloria

  21. wow.. this is an amazing idea.. sure would try these soon. :)
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    Ongoing Event-Iftar nights

  22. looks liek you got hte problem solved! thanks for dropping by my blog! i must say, these cutlets look soooo delicious! rosti and burger in one! haha! yum!

  23. My family really rissoles, they seems so easy and look very yummy. A perfect healthy and easy dinner recipe thank you for the recipe.